Dumbledore’s Army. On Patronus Day!

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Totoro Messenger Bag

This My Neighbor Totoro messenger bag is made of canvas with leather accents. Every bag comes with a My Neighbor Totoro postcard. Currently on sale for just $27.29 at Amazon!

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in just a few hours I’m eating nothing but churros.

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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In Canada, if someone runs into you, both parties must apologize, or they are considered rude. Even inanimate objects.

You would not believe the rude inanimate objects we have around here.


literally the most confusing thing you can ask me is “how are you?”

i don’t know where on the spectrum from “i’m fine” to “here is my full medical history” you want me go



so you’re telling me there’s an alien who regenerates into a completely random form, that he cannot control or determine himself, and who understandably could take millions of different appearances, but who all 13 times just turned into a different skinny white guy