I just scrolled through my inbox, and found a few other people I used to talk to on here whose accounts seem to be gone now… granted it’s been months since we last talked with them, but still sad. :(


I think one of my first tumblr friends just deleted her account out of the blue!  I was just about to respond to an ask she sent me as part of a conversation we were having the other day, then I noticed it said “url-deactivated10238439285” or what ever instead of her url, then when I click on her page it says it can’t find anything.  Now I’m freaking out a little bit wondering what happened, if she’s okay, if/how I could ever find this out again… AHHHH!  :(

Sometimes when it’s late at night and I’m lonely at work, I see a friend post something and get all excited and open a tab to their page to send them an ask… then I remember that they sometimes use their queues…